Our Process


How does the Wishing Pixies Product Work?


Tutorial Video:  https://youtu.be/ghw8gHL6bF0


  • First the child adopts a Wishing Pixie Doll 
  • Then parent creates a parent account on our website where they will set up the child’s side of the app  


  • Set up tasks inside the child’s app


  • Assign meditation and affirmations and then assign the amount of pixie dust that your child could earn daily by doing those tasks


  • Create affirmations, positive statements or gratitude statements about your child and their life.  


  • Add tasks outside of the app and assign the amount of pixie dust that can be earned by completing tasks or working on behavior.  Tasks should be behaviors the parent wants to change or improve.  For example; sleep in your own bed, no fighting or yelling at your brother, do what your parents tell you to do, etc


  • Parent downloads Wishing Pixies app onto the mobile device.  Parents will sign onto the account using their secured username and password.  Children’s names will then be visible on the screen.  Children will then sign onto the app using their own secure password.  Children will look at the task and see what their Pixie is asking of them.  The children will make their Wishes.

  • The Parent will be emailed and texted to approve each wish and assign the amount of  Pixie dust that will need to be earned in order for each wish to be redeemed. 

  • ​​Children will now begin to nurture the magic within their Pixie and the magic within themselves.  


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